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The state is: CALIFORNIA.

I was just pulled over recently and the reason was that I had no license plate light or rather, the bulb was out (bulb is dead).

The officer asked me if it was OK to search me for weapons and I said yes as I know I did not have anything on me and just wanted to cooperate (what else could I do). He found nothing on me of course after searching me.

He then proceeded to ask me for permission to search my vehicle and I stated OK. I imagine if I said no, he would of searched anyways I am guessing, so I cooperated and said OK. The officer found a very small amount of marijuana in my vehicle in a small container, maybe the amount equal to that of tobacco in a regular cigarette which yes, was mine and yes, I admitted it was mine to this officer. The officer then gave me a basic yellow paper ticket for a CVC 23222 POSS. OF MARIJUANA. I now have to go to traffic court for this in a month or so.

I know I am possibly going to get a fine for the marijuana but, additionally, I was wondering what else they would do to me for this besides a fine in terms of drugs classes, drug testing, jail time, comm. service and things of that nature or would it be a simple fine only more than likely? I did not go to jail at all and the police officer let me go with the ticket showing 2 items: a CVC 24601 for the license plate light which yes, I will fix very soon, and the CVC 23222 for poss. of marijuana, which is checked NO for a correction violation.

Could anyone point out the possible punishment for this ticket I have got (not the license plate but the poss. of marijuana)? The light will be fixed but the poss. of marijuana is what I am concerned about as this is the 1st time this has happened to me and I am worried about what will possibly happen to me for this. I am hoping it will be a simple fine maybe. If anybody could give me basic idea or an answer of some sorts, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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    • The maximum punishment, at court, is $100. plus penalty and assessments (will probably total about $450) - no jail time can be ordered.

      You may be offered some Narcotics Anonymous meetings and a dismissal of the charge, instead of a conviction.

      ...DMV has the right to impose sanctions on your drivers license, if the court sends an abstract to DMV. I don't know how often that's done; any DMV consequences are separate from the court's.

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