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Dr. Shopping/Pharmacy Hopping

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The state is: The state is: California.

Who would I report a case of Dr. Shopping & pharmacy shopping to?

Thank you ~ Snow

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    • Well, if you feel that it is really a dangerous, out of control situation, you can start with both the docs, and pharmacies, you can remain anonymous if you wish, but they will check, and if they find it true, they will flag the person in the doc's files, and the pharmacy computers.

      You could also contact your local police, they may take a report, or advise of how to contact the DEA to report it.

      #1; Sat, 29 Oct 2005 02:16:00 GMT
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      Who would I report a case of Dr. Shopping & pharmacy shopping to?
      If you have any proof that the person has fraudulently obtained prescriptions, you can certainly contact the police. But if they have obtained valid and lawful prescriptions for a variety of medications from different doctors and fill them at different pharmacies, it becomes much more difficult to nail down a criminal act.

      The advice regarding calling the invo,ved doctors and pharmacies might be a good one as well.

      - Carl

      #2; Sat, 29 Oct 2005 03:39:00 GMT