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pre-employment physical; hepatitis C

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I am a RN in Texas. I have applied at a major hospital in the area and if I'm offered the job, which I am confident about, they require me to take a pre-employment physical. I have had hepatitis C for over 10 years and am feeling fine. I have been employed at another facility as a RN for 4 years with no problems as a result of the hepatitis C. All my labs are excellent.

What I need to know is when and if the dr. asks me about my liver, hep C what will I tell him. I don't want this to interfere with my job possibilities, but I hear that if I withhold info. I could be terminated.

In addition, the hospital I am applying at is the one I have gone to for my medical care in the past. I want to know if the dr. can order my medical record for a pre-employment physical without my permission or if you think he will for a pre-employment physical.

Legally, can I be turned away from the job simply due to my diagnosis?

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