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Probation Violation

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I live in Ashtabula Ohio. I have been watching a particular case for the last couple 3 or 4 years now. There is a guy who has been up on multiple charges for possesion of Cocaine, Possesion of Crack, Drug Perifinaila, Possesion of Oxicottton and Oxicodone, Driving without a license. at least 2times. He was given 6 months in NEO Cap and Three years probation. He served 4 of the 6 months in NEO Cap and upon getting out within 2 months had re-offended. The charges were possesion of cocain, tampering with evidence becasue he tried to get rid of the drugs when the officer came up, possiesion of oxicotton and parole violation. No matter what this person does he never seems to get into trouble. I am begining to wonder what person he has in his pocket at the courthouse. He goes on the 18th of Janurary 2008 for his final probation violation hearing. I guess he has on top of it these are concidered (1) Fifth Degree Felony and (2) Third Degree felonies I am not sure about the Oxicotton. What is the senencing term for these violations I can't find anything on-line. Anymore I feel that the law is NOT out to Protect the innocent but to Protect the GUILTY. Is the 18th were he would go to just plead guilty or not guilty or can they do something then?

Kids are suppose to respect the law? How can I expect my kids to when I don't anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Desperate for answers.

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