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arrest, and arraignment procedures in illinois

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The state is: Illinois

My brother was arrested Monday night for a fight with his ex-girlfriend that he has a daughter with. My question is, I thought that you had to be arraigned within a certain amount of time (24 hours), especially if there in no set bond.? He has been in a holding cell for over 24 hours now. He was supposed to have an arraigment today at 1pm, but when my mom went to the court house, she was told it will be tommorow. So he will be in the holding cell until tomorrow, when maybe bond will be set. Is there a time limit in which one must be arraigned? Please help me help him. By the way the fight was already over and from my understanding he didn't touch her and he had already left and was at a friends when they arrested him, without even having any proof as to anything. I thought in domestic cases if there isn't any proof that they either arrest both or nobody. Any info that anyone can give me would be great! Thanks

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